Work and Pay

Women, work and wages in the UK

Commissioned by: Oxfam

  • Published 31st Oct 2016
  • Authors: Adam Tinson, , Hannah Aldridge,
  • Category: Work and Pay

This report assembles some of the key trends on earnings and employment for women in order to assess how much progress has been made and to what extent women are becoming more or less disadvantaged. It considers some of the longstanding challenges facing women in the labour market against the headline indicators of employment rates and pay, as well as some of those areas that have been the subject of much labour market discourse in the UK since the financial crash of 2008 - such as underemployment and insecurity of employment.

The data analysis set out in this report has been carried out by New Policy Institute (NPI) and is based upon a scoping out of key labour market trends and challenges conducted by Oxfam. The data analysis undertaken as a result provides a detailed overview of the current position of women in the UK labour market.