Work and Pay

Reflections on the European Employment Strategy: How relevant to the UK?

  • Published 1st Nov 2004
  • Authors: Guy Palmer, , Suriya Edwards,
  • Category: Work and Pay

This collection of essays offers a critical examination of various aspects of the European Employment Strategy (EES). It arises out of a seminar organised by the New Policy Institute as part of the project titled ‘More and Better Jobs’ – a project which aims to raise awareness of the EES in the UK and to encourage relevant NGOs, practitioners, academics, and politicians to begin the vital process of engaging with it. The seminar addressed two main questions: what does the EES offer the UK and how does the EES get implemented in Member states.

About this report
This report was part funded by the European Commission and written by Guy Palmer and Suriya Edwards. The facts presented and views expressed in this report are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Commission.