Income and Poverty

Referendum briefing: poverty and work in Scotland

  • Published 10th Jun 2014
  • Authors: Adam Tinson, , Peter Kenway,
  • Category: Income and Poverty

This is the final of three briefings on key poverty issues in the run-up to the Scottish independence referendum. This briefing focuses on work in Scotland, and what a stronger labour market might mean for reducing poverty.

Key points include:

  • The Scottish labour market has historically underperformed compared to the UK as a whole, but now does as well or better
  • The recession had a relatively bigger impact in Scotland than the UK as a whole, but the employment rate is recovering quickly
  • The risk of in-work poverty is lower in Scotland than the UK as a whole, probably due to lower housing costs
  • If Scotland had an employment rate of 80%, then there could be substantial reductions in poverty. However, this would also require changes to how public services operate for those in work.

About this report
This report was funded by The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) and written by Adam Tinson and Peter Kenway of the New Policy Institute. The facts presented and views expressed in this report are those of the authors and not necessarily those of JRF.