Income and Poverty

London's Poverty Profile 2011

  • Published 21st Oct 2011
  • Authors: Tom MacInnes, , Anushree Parekh, , Peter Kenway,
  • Category: Income and Poverty

London’s Poverty Profile is an independent assessment of poverty and inequality in the capital. It brings together a range of different indicators to reveal how London compares to the rest of the country, how the various populations within London differ, and how London has changed over time.

This report is the third in the series. If the first LPP highlighted differences across London, while the second looked at the effects of the recession, the focus of this one is on the changes that have been and are taking place in London as they affect people in poverty and facing exclusion.

About this report
This report was commissioned by the Trust for London and written by Tom MacInnes, Anushree Parekh and Peter Kenway. The responsibility for the accuracy of this report, including any errors or misunderstandings, lies with the authors.