Income and Poverty

Dreaming of £250 a week: A Scoping Study on In-Work Poverty

  • Published 31st Oct 2006
  • Authors: Victoria Winckler, , Peter Kenway,
  • Category: Income and Poverty

This paper reports the results of an exploratory study into the problem of ‘in-work poverty’ in Wales. In-work poverty arises when a household containing one or more adults doing  paid work has an income below the level recognised by Government as defining ‘poverty’. Given the emphasis on work as the route out of poverty, supported by the National Minimum Wage and the system of tax credits, the continued existence of in-work poverty on an appreciable scale represents a serious problem for the anti-poverty strategy that has been followed since the late 1990s.

About this report
This report was funded by the Welsh Government New Ideas Fund, Oxfam UK's Poverty Programme Cymru, Amicus, and Thompsons Solicitors and written by Victoria Winckler and Peter Kenway. The facts presented and views expressed in this report are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the funders.