Council Tax

The Impact of Council Tax on Older People’s Income

  • Published 1st Sep 2003
  • Authors: Peter Kenway, , Jenny Pannell,
  • Category: Council Tax

This report examines the council tax system from the point of view of pensioners.The latest rises in the tax impact on all households whether pensioner or non-pensioner.Yet forpensioners, they are just the latest turn of a screw that has been tightening since the tax was introduced.

The report’s findings and conclusions cover three areas:

  • the impact of council tax on pensioners;
  • the council tax benefit system; and
  • goals and supporting policies on council tax and council tax benefit that pensioners and their organisations could consider supporting.

About this report
This report was funded by Help the Aged and written by Peter Kenway and Jenny Pannell . The facts presented and views expressed in this report are those of the authors and not necessarily those of Help the Aged.