Cut both ways: why are supply and demand for legal aid both falling?

While social security tops up income, spending on public services is essential in affording people on low incomes access to ‘goods’ that most could not otherwise afford –…

  • Author: Theo Barry Born
  • Category: Services



Addressing the cost of living from a poverty perspective requires a multipronged approach

Even though CPI inflation is currently running well below target at 1.2 per cent, it is not yet time to throw the cost of living crisis into the dustbin of political campaigns…

  • Author: Adam Tinson
  • Category: Income and Poverty



Poorest still lag far behind despite rising internet use

New data shows a growing proportion of households in Great Britain using the internet, but differences in internet use by income remain stark. Data released last week by the ONS…

  • Author:
  • Category: Income and Poverty



Work is not enough in the Scottish poverty debate

Today we launch our third and final briefing on Scotland’s poverty challenges for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. The series aims to promote the needs of the poorest people on the…

  • Author: Adam Tinson
  • Category: Income and Poverty



Can investors really "require" a 5% return?

NPI’s recent report on the water industry, and, in particular, the attention it paid to the 30% share of turnover accounted for by operating profits, has not gone…

  • Author: Peter Kenway
  • Category: Services



Poverty and the big society

NPI publish a pamphlet today, “Poverty and the Big Society: Views from the community sector”. Its purpose is to stimulate debate within the voluntary and community sector about the…

  • Author: Ines Newman
  • Category: Income and Poverty



Monitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion in the UK 2010

The fall in child poverty in the first year of the recession shows how big an impact tax credits and benefits can make in the short term – while the rise and rise of in-work…

  • Authors: Peter Kenway, Anushree Parekh, Tom MacInnes
  • Category: Income and Poverty



Low paid Londoners bashed by bus fair rise

Low paid workers who rely on public transport to get to work have been hit especially hard by the higher fares on London’s buses and tubes that came into effect at the start of the…

  • Author: Tom MacInnes
  • Category: Services