There are better responses to an ageing population than austerity

ireland on the fiscal implications of Northern Ireland and which we reproduced for Northern Ireland in the graph below. It shows that between th…In Northern Ireland the pressure is even greater. Firstly

  • Author: Hannah Aldridge
  • Category: Economic Policy



No easy way out on welfare reform for Northern Ireland

f welfare reform does not offer the Northern Ireland Assembly a way to avoid difficult decisions…bate on welfare reform continues in Northern Ireland showing that Northern Ireland is set to lose

  • Author: Adam Tinson
  • Category: Social Security and Welfare Reform



Declining incomes and rising poverty: Northern Ireland is falling behind the rest of the UK

Northern Ireland has been hard hit by a weak labour market an…irelanding Poverty and Social Exclusion in Northern Irelandireland noted that Northern Ireland was in a sort of

  • Author: Adam Tinson
  • Category: Income and Poverty



London's booming - the capital is no longer the UK's unemployment hotspot

then Scotland and Northern Ireland. The South East… the rises in Scotland and Northern Ireland have been smaller than elsewhere. So much so

  • Author: Tom MacInnes
  • Category: Work and Pay



Income poverty and material deprivation in the UK: an EU comparison

Ireland would also be included in this latter group… Ireland had a higher level of poverty under this mea

  • Author: Tom MacInnes
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Poverty and welfare reform in Northern Ireland

hed our latest report on poverty in Northern Ireland. The launch is an opportunity for us to diss…irelandThe report suggested that Northern Ireland is in a kind of holding pattern following th

  • Author: Tom MacInnes
  • Category: Social Security and Welfare Reform